Sketchbook Finished

It turns out having a cold provided me with enough time to finish my Sketchbook for the Rozelle Artists Guild Third Annual Project Sketchbook by deadline.  I couldn’t go to meetings, so I got to stay home and draw.  Here are a few more of the pages:

Here’s a picture of people enjoying the show last year.  They hang the sketch books on string on the wall so you just go through and browse them all — great hands on art.

The show details are on this poster.  I hope you get to go — there’s a whole range of art styles.  My friend Mary Jo Karimnia has stitched art in her sketchbook.

It was a great project for me.  It made me take my sketching a little more seriously and I find I’m always more productive if I have a deadline to meet.  Otherwise, I wait until everything is perfect and so I never finish.  I never have to worry about being a perfectionist — it ain’t gonna happen.  But creativity happens every day.


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