I love when I get my cloth dolls to this point and they are a form of potential.  I like to sit with them for a while and try to make see what is unique in their gesture.  Each doll comes out slightly different because they are hand stitched — the heads have a different angle and shaping, the limbs hang differently.  I can’t wait to see what happens when I start to paint features and add hair.

4 thoughts on “Potential

  1. Our prayer of thanks

    For the laughter of children who tumble barefooted
    and bareheaded in the summer grass. ~Carl Sandburg

    I thought this fit with your new doll and its potential. Children are like that–little “empty slates” just waiting for imprints of life!

    1. Thanks for the beautiful thought, Karen. I think creation is also a little playground for the child within, no matter what the form. Still, dolls and fabric have a tactile immediacy that can take us directly back to our barefooted days. We can be child, parent and grandparent all at once.

  2. We’re all constantly in the process of change….. from the moment we were conceived.
    Your dolls leave room for perception….. I love that !
    I guess that’s what ‘ IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER’ is all about !

    1. That’s the surprising gift of life — we think we’re going to grow up and stop changing, but we never do. This will be a very perceptive doll — it’ll have to be, when it’s finished it’s going to live with you!

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