Teeny Tiny Studio

I don’t subscribe to Cloth Paper Scissors, but I pick it up occasionally for inspiration and information.  I do subscribe to and love Fiberarts magazine which is published by the same company (Interweave Press), so I get the CPS newsletter.  I was very interested in the article they sent this morning since my own studio is a folding table, several plastic storage units and lots of hidey-holes around the house.

I think many of us will enjoy looking at the big studios, but more of us have our work put in where it will fit.   Let me know how your studio works.  Also, I think we should all contribute pictures to the small studio project.


Teeny Tiny Studio

Working in a small space
Studio in the 2 room apartment

I found out today that 15 bags of poly fiber fill fit under the bed (I stored 2 more under each dresser and two in the closet — I got a good deal on a case). I’m getting all kinds of cool storage containers and organizers but making a mess is the prerogative of any artist, even those in small spaces. If you work in a small space, give us some hints on how you organize, create and live in your teeny space.