Art Journals

Here’s some notes from the past 2 months of art journaling.
I keep a big spiral bound journal and a little Moleskine for the road.  A typical entry is doodles and writing:

Page 2 of an entry after starting an Advanced Fiction Class

Most the past month have been more doodle than writing:

Never wait til you have the proper tools – bloom where planted
From the Moleskine
Play often
Real green ginkgo leaf taped to painted drawing page
At one point there were seven big orb spiders just outside my patio
Meeting notes
We got to see about 30,000 swifts roost in the chimney of Chapman school
October 21 — horse chestnuts

Journaling helps keep the chaos of life at bay for me.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Doodling Around

It’s been a busy month and I’ve gotten a chance to do a lot less doodling, drawing and writing than I wanted.  However, I’m getting really excited about A Festival of Stories presented by The Portland Storyteller’s Guild, June 1 & 2.  We had a rehearsal last week-end and the stories range from hilarious to poignant and back again. 

Here are a few recent doodles I’ve managed in my latest sketchbook:

The Most Prolific Flower

I drew this in pencil after dreaming of strange plants all  night
These chilis were painted on a plate at a meeting I attended

pink and blue

Tree of color blobs

Wind almost blew this tree off the page
Where lines can lead