Look Closer #6: The Kiss

I had so many challenges in the past year, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep working on paintings bigger than 8×10″, but I still wanted to work on the Look Closer: Disability and Sensuality series, which I wanted to be on 20×24″ canvas.

I also wanted to borrow compositions from famous paintings but use people with disabilities in them. I decided to try to work on a piece inspired by Gustav Klimt’s famous The Kiss.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, 1908

Of course, I could never match Klimt’s work but it’s such a well known piece, that I thought I could use the composition as a statement on the passion all people feel, no matter their physical state. Klimt used gold leafing, but I stuck to gold and yellow paint.

I worked on layering, color blending, and small repetitive brush strokes so I would not get overwhelmed by the size of the canvas (which is really not that large) or my own insecurities about painting. It took over a month and my painting went through many changes, but after about 2 months I’ve finished it.

I chose to keep the figures and wheelchair simple, and let the emotion of all the bright colors carry the painting.

Look Closer: The Kiss by Joy Murray

I kept the wheelchair structure very minimalistic, but obvious I hope. I wanted it to blend in with the figures
The Kiss by Joy Murray, detail

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Look Closer #6: The Kiss

  1. I prefer yours to Klimt’s because yours feels like the male-female relationship is more equal, whereas Klimt’s feels like the man dominates a submissive woman. I like your others, too, as there tends to be some kind of movement in them all. Beautiful work!

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