Moonflower Paintings

Each year I give paintings to anyone who supports me on Patreon (except those who specifically say they don’t want one for space reasons, or because they want me to sell the painting to help me stay financially afloat).

This year I decided to paint flowers I’d taken pictures of from my porch garden, but I wound up being obsessed by moonflowers, one of my favorite flowers. The moonflower itself has few lines, but I love the dancing star shape in the center of each flower, so I used blue ink to emphasize that in these paintings. I hope each painting shows the delight I take in these blooms that open in the late summer late afternoon with a burst of perfume, then close up and go to seed in the morning.

Here, then, is the Moonflower series:

Embrace the Moon, 8×10″ by Joy Murray
Moon Dance, 5×7, by Joy Murray
Moonflowers in the Nandina Bush 5×7″ by Joy Murray
September Moon by Joy Murray
Things Still Bloom by Joy Murray 8×10″
The Moon Flowers by Joy Murray 8×10″
Moonflower Dreams by Joy Murray 8×10″
Moonflower After Rain, PHOTOGRAPH, by Joy Murray

And here is a short video I made with my phone of a moonflower blooming.

Now it’s time to plant the seeds from last years flowers. The circle of life and art has been so comforting during this past difficult year.

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