A Year Ago, Covid Changed Everything

A year ago, Covid quarantines and social distancing began. Like many projects, my group art show “Shards of Color and other Broken Things,” was impacted. The artists, myself, Timothy Allen, Darlene Newman, and Frankd Robinson, had planned a 2 day show at the Crosstown 420 gallery. A few people came to the opening, (we provided masks and gloves) but after the first night we were told that we couldn’t come back the next day. So we re-hung at my studio, but no one came. It was a nice to socialize with the other artists, but there was the feeling that the whole world was about to change. Little did we know how much.

All artists have suffered from the social distancing and this terrible pandemic that has gripped the world. Businesses large and small have suffered, and keep this in mind if you can spare some of your stimulus money to support them.

Here some of the photos from the art show and the preparation. Frankd Robinson gifted his Tin Man hoodie (with heart) so I was warm for the show and all future cold weather.

Darlene Newman, Frankd Robinson, Timothy Allen all have art for sale. Frankd and Timothy are on Facebook. Darlene is too, but she also has a website: http://www.darlene.fineaw.com/

For all the shocks, deaths and sorrows of the past year, I am always encouraged that creatives keep on creating. I hope this next season we will go forward in awareness and kindness, and keep creating. (And remember collecting art is an art in itself.)


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