The Giants are Retreating

It seems appropriate that our first hard freeze here in the Mid-South would be December 1. I always complain if it gets cold too early. But this year we had a pleasant fall and my garden kept giving me more and more beauty to enjoy.

But seasons must change. My elephant ears are now making their journey back into soil. All that green they worked to make will deteriorate back into their originals elements over the winter. Over the next few weeks, I’ll cut back vines and stalks, and use them as mulch, along with the millions of leaves that fall from the oaks in the yard.

After the freeze

I’ll miss the garden. I love having the porch as an extra room to spend time reading or people watching. Not to mention plant watching. There’s something quite magical about watching a little seed or bulb come to life, to see on a daily basis how it grows, changes shape, sprouts leaves and buds and flowers.

I only brought a few plants into the studio because I have less room. I’m sure I’ll be captured by a few house plants as the winter goes on. It’ll be a challenge to find a good place for them.

I didn’t draw the plants much this summer. But I did take a squillion pictures, so over the winter, and especially the long, long month of January, I’ll have plenty to base my paintings on.

I hope you are all warm and safe. I hope the winter brings you blessings. If you are able, make some time to walk and watch how the landscape around you changes, bit by bit, week by week. One day, our little part of the earth will turn toward the sun again and the garden will unfurl and the giants will return.

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2 thoughts on “The Giants are Retreating

  1. Beautifully said and beautiful pictures… thank you Blessings to you for this season, may your heart be full.

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