Getting Ready

I know practically everyone is obsessed and worried about the elections, and Covid-19. It’s a terrible time to have an open studio art show, but I’m doing it because it might help take people’s minds off all that for a while. It’s a good reminder that creatives go on creating, too. Haters gonna hate, creators gonna create.

So I’m having an open studio with a few other artists — Darlene Newman, Tim Allen, and Frankd Robinson.

I have a great sign on my front door that was made for me by a young person while I lived in Portland. She was one of my art students. I have had to repaint it a few times because it gets battered by the weather.

This year it was so waffled, I had to soak it and weigh it down to flatten it out. Then I adhered it to a canvas, gave it a new border, and ta-da, a great reminder of the worth of each of us:

The “Love Never Fails” sign is one of Frankd Robinson’s works

I’ve been painting a lot, but had a few commissions that I finished. Now I’m working on pieces for the show. I have created two 5×7″ skulls since it’ll soon be time to celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween.

Plant a Little Garden in Your Soul, by Joy Murray, acrylic paint and ink
The Spirit Lingers, by Joy Murray, Acrylic paint and ink

I’ll have about 14 pieces of various sizes on sale, some new, some older. Here are some examples of the work of the other artists. Prices will range from $25. to $400.

I Wish I lived in a Better World by Frankd Robinson
Breaking Barriers by Darlene Newman
Spirits on the Wind by Timothy Allen

For those of you who can’t make it, or who don’t feel safe, we’ll try to put pieces online for purchase. If you are in the Memphis area, we can probably deliver to you. If not, shipping and handling prices will be added.

Stay safe. Stay creative. It’s always been a crazy and scary world, yet on our tightrope of life, we can find balance. Treasure yourself. You are a piece of gold.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. You know, Joy, I just think you are an angel in my life.. . Because just as I needed a pick me up, you are there – whether it was in the hallway here at Bridge Meadows or via the internet right now in this minute. I am so very grateful we remain connected. You are in my heart, and I treasure you.
    Beautiful art. Beautiful words. Beautiful soul.

    Derenda Schubert, PhD
    Executive Director
    Cell 503.863.7644
    8502 N. Wayland Avenue, Portland, OR 97203
    Building purposeful communities where children, families and elders flourish together.

    1. Thank you so much, Derenda. I am so glad I can share any up-lift I come across these days. I hope one day I can get back out to Portland and see you, and all the meadowlarks that filled my soul with such wonder and love. Stay safe, and tell everyone hello for me.

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