It’s Written All Over Your Face

About the middle of last year, I started painting small faces.  The first four 5×7″ fauve faces I did fit together in a piece I called Peer Pressure.   All of them were done following intuition, using bright unrealistic color, and letting each piece tell it’s own story.

I found I didn’t have the same kind of angst and worry when I painted small.  I just went forward, and if I didn’t like what I was doing, I painted over it and started again.  I now usually keep a 5×7″ canvas close by when I’m painting other things, so I can use the colors on the brushes to get started.  Eventually, each piece takes on a life of it’s own.  Most of the pieces had a statement to make, though some only do so by the expression and colors of their faces.

After an art guide talk with Gwenn Seemel, she suggested that I make a goal of putting them together in a book.   I thought that was a great idea.  I have 16 pieces now and I hope to have somewhere around 30 for the book, which I hope to have finished in the late fall.  The working title for the book is “It’s Written All Over Your Face.”

I am trying to remain intuitive about what I paint, but obviously, what’s going on in our world will influence how the pieces develop, as well as my own goal to paint disability and neuro-diversity.

I’m excited about this project and it’s helped free me from some of the 2020 doldrums that have kept me feeling directionless and powerless.  I expect a masked character or two will show up before long.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing the book’s progress with you.  At this point, all the originals have sold, but some may be available soon.

Their fear muted his power, so he show it only to his family
Let Your Dreams Guide You
He thought by now he’d have it all figured out, but things were more confusing every day
Is there a color that would make me safe?
If you just admitted I’m right, we wouldn’t have these problems!
Sinus City
Hungry Ghost
He went to the garden and never came back
Am I Blue
This was definitely NOT part of the plan
No amount of hatred would put out her fire/freedom
space case
She was always a bit of a Space Case
sacred light
No matter what else happens to you, keep your sacred light
After she was nothing but scars, she bore them proudly to honor all those friends and doctors who put her together again
Don’t know what it’s like to be safe in my own country.  My parents didn’t either.  Maybe my grandkids will.



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