Social Isolation and Art for Sale

For me, Social Isolation is nothing new.  I live alone, I have a disability that limits how I can get around, and where I can get into.  I paint and write, both loner/introvert activities.  In fact, since before the Coronavirus, I’ve been isolating myself.  I was painting gifts for my Patrons, and also preparing for a 2 day show that happened on March 13.

The second day, they closed the venue out of health concerns.  So we took everything down, and rehung it in my studio apartment.  Hardly anyone came either night, but a few brave souls did, and a few even bought some art.

Since then, I’ve been resting and watching the coronavirus phenomenon expand and leave us all dazed and afraid.

I’d like to thank my Patrons who help me in so many ways. Your help REALLY matters now that things are so uncertain.

I’ve decided to try to sell paintings on the Facebook marketplace for those who would have come to the show, but felt unsafe.  I’ve tried other programs for selling art, and I don’t get much response.  I’ll also put paintings on this blog, if you’re interested in buying them, just let me know.  Times are so uncertain, it may seem unwise to invest in art now, but if want to bring good energy, color and thought into your living space, it’s a good time for that.  And it’s a good time to support artists of all sorts, who now have hardly any options to show or sell art.

My friends and adult children are checking up on me, bringing me prepared food, asking if I need things, just good being friends, like they’ve always been.

The traffic around my apartment has diminished and the spring bird songs are clear and lovely.  A small moth likes to sit on my kindle when I’m in bed, and we read together.

Life is scary, unpredictable and beautiful — same as it ever was (with less mobility).

One of the artists at the show was Frankd Robinson.   Here’s a video of him about 10 years ago.  In the last few  years, he’s had to deal with serious health issues and doesn’t get to paint as much as he used to.  But when he could, he was quite prolific:

My plan is to photograph a few of his pieces for sale each day until I get them all up.  He does unique collages and these positive words painted on wood:

Peace by Frankd Robinson 16×4″ mixed media $60.
Peace, back

Something we all need these days:

Balance by Frankd Robinson, 15×3″ $60
Balance, back

This piece shows so much about Frankd’s spirit and belief in our ability to heal.  It’s a vibrant and chaotic process, like life.

The Beautiful Struggle/Year of Healing, by Frankd. Robinson, 15×19″, mixed media, $300.
Year of Healing detail
Year of Healing back

Sharp edges and cast aside materials shape this piece called Uptown Girl.  All the edges are embedded in clear medium, so you can’t cut yourself on those edges, only look and think about all the edges in our lives.


Uptown Girl, 19×13″, by Frankd Robinson Jr. Mixed Media, $300.
Uptown Girl, detail
Uptown Girl frame is about 3″ thick

If you’re interested in any of these piece and are in the Memphis area, please contact me at joyzmailbox @  If you’re outside the Memphis area, I’ll have to calculate shipping charges.

And more art will be coming your way.



This blog is brought to you by the generosity of people who support me on Patreon , buy my art, and who support me in so many different ways

Cards and prints on some of my art is available on Redbubble.  

If you find a typo, let me know, and I’ll send you a postcard.

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