Successful Open Studio Show

I’ve been working hard the last few weeks getting ready for an Open Studio Art Show and Sale.  My son and I showed our work.  I’m lucky that in my studio/apartment I have lots of wall space and good light.

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Tim and I did well.  We started hanging the work a week before the show, and since it was at my apartment, the clean up can go at a slow pace, too.  We had a few difficulties but it mostly went smoothly.   The show couldn’t have happened without Tim’s ability to hang the show, since I can barely stand now:


A friend provided the food, another provided the wine.   We’re so fortunate to have good friends who act also as patrons in various ways. The show could not have happened without them.

We had a good turn out, too.  The other nice thing about having it at my studio, is that it felt intimate, a party, with time to talk to friends and people interested in our art.

Frankd Robinson, a beloved Memphis artist, came and I got to give him the painting he inspired.

Frankd and Joy with the painting How Does Your Garden Grow?
Frankd Robinson

In the week before the show I got two small pieces finished.  For this piece, I had been attempting to paint a tiger  lily the day before.  I also had an encounter with someone who was complaining a lot about his life.  From where I sat, I felt he had it pretty good — home, health, loved-ones.  I believe that sometimes your troubles are what bring out your strengths and resilience.  I literally woke up with this image in my head:

Our Crosses to Bear by Joy Murray 8×10″

Earlier I worked on a series of 5×7″ paintings called Peer Pressure:

Peer Pressure by Joy Murra

My intention was to do individual faces, but then the idea of them all reacting to one another emerged.  So I did one more stand alone piece on a different theme:

Let Your Dreams Guide You, 5×7″ by Joy Murray

In the next week, I’ll add the new pieces from the show to Redbubble for cards and prints.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show, and to those of you who encourage me from afar.


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