Afterwards Nothing Was the Same – New Painting

I’ve spent some time painting with my son, Timothy Allen, who’s work is much more intuitive and free flowing than mine, and at times more precise and geometric:

Dark Forest Lights
Dark Forest Lights by Timothy Allen
echoes and the sound of growth by Timothy Allen
Echoes and the Sound of Growth by Timothy Allen
The Day My Cages Turned to Smoke
The Day my Cages Turned to Smoke by Timothy Allen

Watching his techniques gave me some ideas of my own.  I did a bit of paint pouring and worked without really thinking about how the finished painting would turn out.

Re-purposed canvas on the table

I sleep in my studio, so I just left the canvas alone for a few weeks, let myself look at the shapes and colors and flow of it.  I turned it different ways.  I thought it might be something I would paint over.

Then I found a figure wandering in the chaos.

So I painted her in and added layers and textures.  As I painted, I thought about how much about life we don’t understand.  I thought about disability, trauma, and how little sense life seems to make sometimes.

I thought about the grace of being given a path that allows you to think in ways that others can’t fathom.  But life does that to everyone, not just those who have veered into long-term illness.  We all feel a startling sense of aloneness at times.  And sometimes, we can’t fathom our own thoughts or our fate.

Any way, I finished the painting and then it told me what the title should be.

Afterwards Nothing was the Same, 12×36″ by Joy Murray, acrylic on canvas
Afterwards Nothing was the same, detail
Afterwards Nothing was the Same, detail

What do you think?

I’m planning an open studio and art sale at the end of May here in Memphis.  I’ll keep you posted on dates and time.


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8 thoughts on “Afterwards Nothing Was the Same – New Painting

  1. I like where your imagination, observation, and reflections took you! It’s expressive and beautiful and draws me in! Thank you for sharing this, Joy!

  2. These are beautiful. Not being an artist myself, it’s very interesting to me to learn what you and your son were thinking about when you painted these. In the last painting, “Afterwards…” there is a lot to contemplate in the colors and the background, which seems to have a story in itself. Thanks for sharing your work and your son’s work, too.

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