Carnations on a Rainy Day

Sometimes I think wonkiness is part of my DNA.  Even when I measure things out and am very careful to try to follow lines, the things I make come out crooked or off balance.  It’s not surprising, I suppose, since I am crooked and off balance.

My latest painting was started last week when it was raining and had been raining for what seemed like eternity.  Before Valentines day, I bought a small bouquet of carnations to brighten up my room.  And they have lasted and lasted, a bright bit of pink and white to rest my eyes on when everything else seemed gray and overcast.

So I decided to paint them.  I wanted the gray background of the day, and so I put them in windowsill and went to work.  It became a case of starting out with reality and ending up with something else — hopefully my delight at having tenacious flowers during a tenacious rainy season.  But the measured window sill and frame I carefully drew became all out of balance as I painted, something I didn’t even notice til I scanned it.

Carnations on a Rainy Day, Acrylic, 8×10″ Joy Murray

Now it’s sunny and warmer, I’m starting to see spring blossoms here and there — camellias, daffodils, crocus, tiny hyacinths.  It’s not quite the big burst of blooming I’ll see as we get closer to spring, but I’m glad we’re heading that direction.  Meanwhile, I have my carnations, still  healthy, and this wonky painting that I hope shows the way  a flower can brighten a dark day.


On February 28th (Thursday),  I’ll be giving away a moon flower painting to one of my Patreon supporters:

Moon Flower Vine, watercolor and ink on paper, 7×10″

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You can read more about this give away here

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3 thoughts on “Carnations on a Rainy Day

    1. Thanks so much. There’s part of me that wants everything to be “perfect”, but then I love art that is wonky or shows the humanity of the creator, so I might as well let my style evolve in its own fashion. I’m so glad you like it.

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