Books on Books

Here is great blog post by Books Around the Table on great books about books. I’m especially looking forward to reading The Velocity of Being.

Books Around The Table

A book is an idea. It is also an object. You can feel its weight, smell the ink and paper. The pages rustle as you turn them.

When I think of books that have delighted, scared, comforted or bored me I can see and feel the physical books in my memory. I now read many e-books because it is easy to get and store them. But I wonder if the ideas will linger as long without being anchored to physical objects.

Isabelle Arsenault from Velocity of Being

Right now I am reading The Library Book by Susan Orlean. It tells the story of the LA Library fire. It is the story of millions of pounds of books, of one specific library and of  libraries in general. Her prose is exhilarating  and surprising, enriched with odd morsels of information.

Violeta Lopiz – Velocity of Being

I am about to read The…

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3 thoughts on “Books on Books

    1. I enjoy reading e-books, but prefer physical ones stills. Especially picture books — I find the format, feel and smell important to the illustrated book experience. I also love seeing them on my shelf, bringing them back to memory — a quick jolt of delight as a I pass by.

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