Dahlia and Moonflower

The days are getting shorter but some flowers like that.  Moonflowers, of course, and dahlias, asters, mums.   Last night a moonflower opened right next to a dahlia bloom and I was able to get a good photograph of it.


I like that the heart shaped moonflower leaf came out, as well as the dew on the purple dahlia.

I put this print in my Redbubble shop.  It’s available as cards, a canvas bag and a few cases for phones.

Or just to look at and enjoy here.


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3 thoughts on “Dahlia and Moonflower

  1. Stunning photo, Joy. I don’t know if you know, or if you want to know, but here goes:  Patty Juravic died suddenly this weekend. Warmly,Susan%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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