Quitting Facebook

Dear friends,

After many years of using facebook as a social media and platform to share and learn about art, I’ve decided to quit using it.  Lately I’ve felt it’s more limited, more commercial and less effective for artists trying to share work.  I’m going to leave my page up until October 15th, then I’m deleting it.

Picture from a post some 10 years ago.  

My biggest fear is that I’ll lose touch with people who I’ve grown fond of over the years, who live in all corners of the world.  But facebook isn’t the only way we can keep in touch.

dancing on space dust 300 dpi
Dancing on Space Dust from a video for Mad July’s Never Going Back to the Gravity

People can subscribe to my wordpress blog — this blog for free — see below.  And my posts will arrive in your email as soon as they are published.  I’m also considering publishing a newsletter to be delivered by email.  If you’re interested, please let me know at joyzmailbox @ gmail.com.

joyous 001
Cartoon self portrait from 2012

At least at this point, email is a pretty direct communication link, whereas, the social media is filtered through algorithms and commercial interests.

Personally, I often get sucked into a facebook black hole, following links, and the next thing I know it’s tomorrow.  I try to limit my time on it, but when I’m bored, instead of reaching for a book or my artwork, I take a peek at facebook, then all my time and sometimes my sanity slips away.

And truth be told, I find a lot of what I read these days triggering for PTSD.  I know a lot of people are feeling the same.  It also makes me feel a bit powerless and ineffective.

Journal Self portrait 2017

So, if you want to stay in touch with me, please subscribe to my blog.  Also, you can become a Patreon supporter.  For as little as a $1. a month, you can help support my writing and art.   Every time I publish a blog post, you get it in your email box, too. You will also occasionally get posts I only share with Patreon supporters.

Joy 2018


I know it’s easier to give feedback on facebook, which has always been a big plus for staying on it.  I deeply appreciate all the care and good feedback I’ve gotten from my facebook friends.  Also, the information, jokes and puns.  I love the family pictures, and personal stories.

But I need my main focus to be my art.  It’s such an important time for artists to be productive (but isn’t it always).  My energy is limited by my disability, and I want to make the best use of my time.  I’ll still promote my art shows on facebook through friends, but I won’t have a presence otherwise.

So if you want to stay in touch, please subscribe to my blog, or send me your email address in a personal message, and I’ll make sure you get to see what I publish.

And thanks so much for being my friend all these years.

daydream joy
Daydream Joy 2009



Thanks for reading my post.  If you like it share it.  If you find a typo, please let me know and I’ll send you a thank-you postcard.  

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8 thoughts on “Quitting Facebook

  1. Hello Joy! I do understand your choice. I hope to be able to stay in touch with you.
    Good luck with your art and writing!

  2. I completely understand your feelings. I feel like Facebook has come to the point, that especially with fan pages, you have to pay to promote each post if you want anyone to even see it, which just doesn’t seem right to me. I will definitely continue to see your stuff here on WordPress!

  3. Thank you Joy for sharing all you lovely, sometimes sad but usually optimistic, posts. I bought a poster of yours (And still she rises) for a friend with PTSD. She was delighted with it and had it framed. I will miss you
    Love Ann Clinton

    1. Thank you for sharing my art with your friend. I think that’s the best feeling, to know that my art has touched someone else who has had struggles in life. I’ll still keep the blog up, so if you are subscribed, you’ll keep seeing my work and writing. Warm regards.

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