I’m offering 20% off of my original art on my Etsy shop til July 5th.  It’s a way to celebrate the beginning of summer and to help raise funds to cover some unexpected expenses.

These are the pieces on sale:


Red Hibiscus
Red Hibiscus, 8×10″ sale price $40 This pieces has sold 🙂
Spring forward
Spring Forward, 8×10″ sale price $24.
Spring Reigns
Spring Reigns, 16×12″ sale price $80
Nothing Much Left by Joy Murray
This piece has sold
Vulnerable, 16×20″ sale price $120.

Shipping is free on all of these.  There are more details of the paintings on the Etsy site.  If you have any questions, just ask.  You can email me at joyzmailbox

As you may know, I’m living on disability for a degenerative neurological disease similar to Multiple Sclerosis, and have had life long problems with bi-polar disorder.  I’ve managed to keep alive through it all by  family, good friends, and supporters, but also through reading and the arts.  Reading and the arts have literally saved my life by building empathy, and showing me how to navigate a mysterious and beautiful world.

I have used writing to work out many of my disappointments in life, and have used art to celebrate life’s color, sorrow and humor.

My disability payment covers necessities, but I don’t make enough to pay for things like internet service (which just went up $30 per month), and art materials.  These things must pay for themselves.  Now in the heat of summer, utilities are higher. And medical co-pays are going up, even for those of us who are unable to pay more.

If you’re not interested in buying my art right now, but support what I’m doing, you can help me through Patreon.  You can make donations of as little as a dollar a month, and every dollar truly helps, believe me.  At higher levels of donation, you get benefits like free prints, if you want, and are entered into raffles for free original art.

And, of course, you’ll have my deep gratitude for the help and support.  I always hope that this blog brings a bit of brightness and thoughtfulness into the lives of others.  I hope you agree.

People often think that those of us who live “off the government” don’t contribute much to society (I did work and pay taxes whenever I was able), but I have found that those of us who can do volunteer work when possible, we contribute to political dialogue, we help define what it means to be human.  And I personally do all I can to make the most of what I have.  I try to work with with children in strife.   I hope to write more about those on the margins of society.  I review and share the good books I read.  All of these things have value, even if money isn’t attached to it.

So if you’re interested, please check out my Patreon page and consider a donation:

Or check out the cards, prints, canvas bags and other things you can buy from my designs at Redbubble.

And thanks again for all your support and for helping sustain this blog.




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