At the Metal Museum

I got to go see the Brent Kington exhibition at the Metal Museum down on the Mississippi River bluff.  Their grounds are amazing with lovely views or the river and lots of sinuous sculptures, railings, gates and gazebos.  It wasn’t too hot, just warm and breezy.  I saw a few monarch butterflies and other flying creatures as I wandered the grounds with a good friend.

Brent Kington’s work was amazing.  He had a very playful side and made little toys and charms, including a necklace with removable parts for his wife to keep the kids occupied when they were supposed to be quiet.

“L. Brent Kington is best known for his whimsical toys and tabletop and large scale kinetic sculptures. Less well known is the collection of jewelry he created over the course of his life. These jewelry pieces were gifts for his wife, mother, daughter and sister-in-law and often referenced his sculpture.”

I can’t find any good images of his work to share, but if you google his name, you’ll get a good idea of his vision and whimsy.  He likes long noses and birds and beaks and organic shapes.

The exhibit included some of his handmade cards that he made for loved ones.  He did such delightful caricatures that they printed one on the show program.

brent kington

Today, I decided to do a copycat caricature of myself in his style.  I’d worn my favorite Hawaiian shirt, so I had to do mine in color.  It’s so good for my soul when I see art that makes me smile and not take myself too seriously.


The exhibition of Kington’s work is up until October 15.  I hope you get a chance to see it.



3 thoughts on “At the Metal Museum

  1. I absolutely love the beautiful kinetic sculptures of Brent Kington. What an extraordinarily creative and talented metal works artist he was. He will live on through his masterfully sculptured works of art.

    Thomas Carpenter Keiper
    Philadelphia, PA

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