She Thought Differently

I went to the Open Crit at Crosstown last Tuesday.  It was an impressive meeting and I enjoyed seeing the artists in a personal venue.  I can’t just sit still, though, so I started to doodle.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed about being back in Memphis is seeing all the elaborate and beautiful hair styles that Memphians create.  As I was doodling hair and plants, one of the artists talked about his head injury.  He didn’t say that they caused any problems with his brain, but I know several people who have had head injuries with resulting brain damage.  These thoughts combined in this doodle:

different sketch

The idea stuck with me afterwards.  I’ve been playing around with acrylic paint on paper and I did several variations of the doodle, and finally made one I’m happy with.

She Thought Differently, acrylic and ink on paper, 8.5×11″

Injuries are a challenge, no matter their source or their resulting limitations.  And yet, we find a way to cope, to sublimate, to bloom in unexpected ways.

What do you think?



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