Daily Draw on a break

I’d hoped to keep posting daily while I get ready for my art show and my move to Memphis from Portland, Oregon.  I have gotten caught in the whirlwind of the last minute, though, and am trying to finish up a few larger pieces of art.  My art show is on Saturday, and I’m moving on April 30th.  My posting will be a little more erratic for the next few months as I resettle.  I’ll be posting more of my finished art and also return to book reviews.

Meanwhile, here are few excerpts from my sketchbook from last year.  I had some paper doilies so I pasted them in the sketchbook and painted on top of them. They held the paint very well:



I got a Stillman and Birn Beta series sketchbook and painted this owl.  I liked the paper and it stood up to a lot of very wet watercolor:


Thanks for looking at my blog!





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