A Tiger In My Garden by ARNO

I’ve always been delighted by pop-up books, and I’ve thought about trying to make one myself, but I’ve never done more than a very simple pop-up card.  Lucky for me, the French artist and illustrator Arno has created a do-it-yourself pop-up book, complete with pre-cut shapes and easy to follow instructions.


A Tiger in My Garden is a colorful and imaginative book that folds out like an accordion into 5 “unplanted” gardens.  You get to cultivate them, adding the plants and the sculpture then you can wander with a mysterious, mustachioed tiger through them.

Inspired by the late artist Derek Jarman’s unique garden on the coast of Kent, England, Arno has provided the graphics to create a French, Japanese, Arabian, tropical, and one dreamlike garden.



The book opens with a poem on the dedication page:

“Is it possible, in this city, without a soul

— where from the back of their buses

the bored tourists gaze—

is it possible, to find a place for a stroll?

I do admit, last Saturday,

I happened by chance to find my way

into, into into an extraordinary garden.

–Charles Trent, An Extraordinary Garden, 1957

A Tiger in My Garden is a visual love poem to gardens.


This book is for children ages 7 and up, but I really think it’s a book for the family.  It’s a little too complicated for just a 7 year old child.  It helps to have minds of all ages working together in the gardens


It would be a great project for a family night, or an activity with grandparents.


What a lovely way to spend winter evenings when gardens are resting and nights are long.


Working one a week, you can make a long term project that finally finishes off with a beautiful pop-up book.

At the end, you may just have all the tools you need to create your very own pop-up designs.

A Tiger In My Garden is published Prestel, who prints excellent art and children’s books.

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Thanks for reading my blog.  Do you have a favorite pop-up book?



3 thoughts on “A Tiger In My Garden by ARNO

  1. Wow, this is so nice! I have always loved looking at pop-up books. There are so many really amazing ones, but I’ve never seen a kit/project to make one. What a great idea! Wish my kids were young again so we could do this together. I may have to adopt some for this project!

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