It’s a Bunny Life: El Deafo by Cece Bell

It’s the last day of Children’s Book Week, so I thought I’d reblog this post on Cece Bell’s fantastic book El Deafo to close out the week. She designed the CBW bookmark. Thanks for following my blog. I hope it’s a children’s book year for you!

CBW Bookmark by Cece Bell

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Many of the books I review I seek out, but some come to me in unexpected ways.  Along with the book Fleabrain Loves Frannie, I was given one I’d never heard of, called  El Deafo by Cece Bell, a graphic memoir novel.  I flipped through it  — bunny characters, a deaf girl, school problems, and intriguing scenes like this:
I love seeing Spock with bunny ears
In this after school special, the character is deaf and some one calls them deafo, which causes Cece some soul searching.
I was hooked, started reading, and pretty much devoured all 230 some odd pages.  It tells the story of a girl who contracted meningitis and lost her hearing at age 4.  She gets a bulky hearing aid she wears in a pouch around her neck with wires and earbuds.  It’s only partially successful.  What she hears is not what people are saying. 

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