Winter’s Got Spring Up It’s Sleeve

This is my first post for a group blog called Paint Party Friday.  It’s a venue for artists to link up and share their works in progress as well as finished work  They also feature an artist interview a week. There’s a wide range of professional and amateur artists and lots of different styles.  I like that it gives me a nice soft deadline for finishing a painting.
Last weekend on my favorite jazz station, KMHD,  I heard the song “Winter’s Got Spring Up It’s Sleeve” by June Christy.  It was the first time I’d ever heard it, though it was recorded in the 60s.  I loved that image and immediately got a picture in my mind of a winsome winter spirit in a blue robe with warm sleeves spilling flowers — the heat from the flowers blowing winter’s robe skyward — a circle of life sort of thing.
On this piece I tried using masking, salt dispersion and layering color. I tried to combine loose color and detail.  I glazed Winter’s skin with iridescent acrylic and splattered the same paint for more snow flakes.  I’m not sure it was entirely successful, but dear husband and a few friends gave me good feedback, so here it is:

Winter’s Got Spring Up It’s Sleeve * watercolor, acrylic & ink * 7×10″

22 thoughts on “Winter’s Got Spring Up It’s Sleeve

  1. Thanks, Judith and Cris. You can click the song title in the post and go to a youtube of the song. I did link to PPF page, but I'm last on the list. Lots of early bird artists in the group. HPPF!

  2. What wonderful inspiration for a painting – I love how you described your process… The combination of loose/detail works really well.


    p.s. Welcome to Paint Party Friday! (EVA & I are always so thrilled to see & meet new painters!)

  3. Thanks for all your great comments. And I like that you see the youth in my winter crone, Lynn — nature always holds a bit of the ancient and the new in it's hands.

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