New Doll — Birdie

I just put this doll up for sale on my Etsy shop for $35.  I wanted to make something simple after the last one.

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Birdie is a 21″ companion or bed-doll. I was inspired by some of the sweet elder women I see walking through parks, feeding birds and enjoying life. She just beams with happiness and is happy to take a minute to listen.

She’s hand-stitched from cotton fabric with acrylic yarn. Her body is a bit abstract, but I wanted her to have a bird spirit and found this little piece of bird fabric that suited her perfectly. She is partly stuffed with rice to help her sit, but she still needs a little back support. I love the sort of goofy, languid look the extra long arms give her. They are loosely stuffed with thick yarn and are very limber. (She’s been doing her yoga!)

Her face is needle-sculpted and hand painted. She wears hummingbird earrings bought at a hummingbird festival in Mississippi.

2 thoughts on “New Doll — Birdie

  1. joy she is wonderful! I love the idea behind the inspiration too – I work with elderly people and there is one lady who is 100 and is just one of the most contented characters I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know – not one complaint – when I asked her what her secret was she just said ‘being content with what you have’ – I think there is a lesson for me to learn there.

    1. I’m glad you liked her and that she sparked you to remember your friend. That’s the great thing about dolls — they help us remember things and they help us tell stories.

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