Sassy Heart Doll

After making a very complex posed doll, it was fun to make this Sassy Heart.  She’s 22″ long, 12 1/2 of that is her skinny legs.  She’s 9″ at the widest part of her hair.  The hair is made of a super soft Italian viscose, nylon, and poly blend.  It has silver metallic threads amid the soft chenille.  Her face is a hand-painted, needle-sculpted cotton print with metallic gold highlights.  The body and legs are made out of a pink cotton ombre.

I read a book years ago by Gloria Steinem that said that in the earliest cave paintings valentine shape represented female power.  I’ve always liked hearts and was glad to hear there was a least a rumor that it had some symbolic power besides the obvious.  I’ll always see it as the power and whimsy of love.  My friend Sara told me that a collection of heart dolls is a good idea because the heart has many seasons. Isn’t that so true?

2 thoughts on “Sassy Heart Doll

  1. I like this one a lot…Pink is secretly my favourite colour! Will you be making Christmas-themed dolls? Or do you have any that have a woodland fairy-vibe going on? 🙂 I must search for an Irish one!

  2. Thanks so much. I’ve had to opt out of the Christmas theme, since I had to move and just wasn’t able to do anything. I have already started thinking about Valentines day — since I too love pink and hearts and am a bit of the romantic. I will be working on some woodland-fairy type creatures. I’d love to do an Irish one — so many great fairy stories and adventures from Ireland. I’ll keep you posted! Are you on facebook? Here’s my Etsy shop address:
    Hope you have an enchanted season!

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