Final Days of Entangled – Anka Gallery

You can still get to The Entangled Show at Anka Gallery in Downtown Portland on Wednesday or Thursday.  It’s up til October 1st.  I finally made it today and it’s wonderful.  The space is quite wonderful, in what used to be a hotel ballroom back in the 1910s.  The wooden ballroom floor gives the gallery a warm feeling and wonderful spirit.  The art is quite amazing.  Andrea Benson’s work is stunning and thoughtful.  Her use of sketches in encaustic are transcendent.  She using some color and a figure with a face, adding an intriguing element to her already compelling work.  Bonnie Meltzer’s work using various material, featuring a lot of crocheted wire, is amusing and colorful and a textural treat.  There are amazing photographs by Ken Hochfeld of entangled thickets.  For some he’s developed a  mirror image style and the figures that appear in the join are magical.  The large string ball paintings of Todd Griffith “round out” the show nicely.  If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, try to get there this week.  You won’t regret the entanglement of time. If you can’t make it, Google any one of the artists and check out their work.

Portland Art Gallery – Anka Gallery.

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