Found Fabric

My favorite fabrics are the ones I come on unexpectedly at yard sales or inherit from people cleaning out their closets.  I really love it when someone gives me a scrap of something that has been in the family for a while.  I was given some beautiful kimono silk recently by someone who had it for years but never knew what to do with it, only that it was too beautiful to throw away.  The brocade is in excellent shape but the older pieces are beginning to fray a bit.  The painted one is already sewn into a sleeve shape.

Painted silk kimono sleeve

This piece has the design woven into it and is striking for its subtlety.

woven kimono silk

The back-weave on this is a mess — tufted and frayed.  I wonder if someone washed it improperly or if all silk weaves age this way.  If anyone has info to share on how to care for vintage silks, please leave a comment.

The brocade is just lovely.

Brocade kimono silk

I got these silks several months ago, but took them out after a little neighborhood night out Thursday at the Watershed in Hillsdale.  Vendors from the neighborhood set up, there was live music, and a few residents of the Watershed were selling their crafts.  There were a few people selling tools and things they couldn’t see themselves using any more.  I loved seeing the old, hand worn tools of one wood-carver.  Another table was overflowing with beautiful fabrics.  A fabric designer finally giving up her storage unit and letting her fabric stash go.  I have a huge fabric stash and made myself a promise not to even look.  Then I looked but I didn’t buy.  Then I went back and bought.  Sigh.  But I just fell in love with this silk brocade.  It shimmers and one angle the butterflies look vanilla colored and in another golden.  The back is as intriguing as the front.

silk brocade

This fabric is probably no more than 5 years old, but the fact that it has even a brief history adds to its presence.   And I’m almost positive I’ll use it all in some fabulous work of art one day…..

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