Strongheart Medicine Doll

I made my first Strongheart medicine doll a few years ago when my dear friend was having romantic trouble.  I wanted to remind her that her heart was strong and would always be able to bounce back from whatever breaks it endured.  I made it wild and whimsical but very durable with button feet and felt arms.  She was enchanted by it, but when she was mad she was able to whack it or toss it across the room and have some catharsis.

Since then, I’ve made a series of them, following the same basic design, but each different as the hearts they are made to help.  Here is the latest one I made for my young doll maker friend, from start to finish.

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Sometimes we all feel that our hearts are weak and easily broken.  I believe the heart is strong and will always lead you back to a place of contentment and happiness.  There is a bit of whimsy, wildness and adventure coursing through every human heart.   So it’s only natural to sometimes get into situations that are uncomfortable and even painful.

This Strongheart Doll was made to remind you of the heart’s true nature.  It’s a one of a kind unbreakable work of art – shake it up, squeeze it tight or throw it across the room.  When you’re ready to hold it close again, it’ll be there for you – strong and happy and ready for the next adventure.

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