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Prints and cards are available for many of my paintings on Redbubble.  Some are too big or complicated for good prints, but I try to make as many possible available.  Postcards are only $2.00, so there is something for every budget.   If you’re interested in purchasing any of the originals that haven’t sold, please contact me at joyzmailbox @

I have a few original works for sale on Etsy:


Self Portrait, Acrylic and Ink, 8×10″
Shared Treasure, mixed media, sold
She Would Not Risk Sleep, watercolor and ink on paper, 7×10″
St. Foster, Keeper of Stolen Wisdom, Mixed Media, sold
The Frog Prince, Mixed Media
Frog Prince commissioned by Clyde Jones
IMG_4421 (2)
The Universe Within – sold
IMG_4422 (2)
How Life Passed Through Me – sold
IMG_4423 (2)
She Never Knew What to Make of Her Own Unraveling
Nothing Much Left  – sold
IMG_4431 (2)
Embrace the Moon – sold
IMG_4430 (2)
How We Dreamed Up Our Family Tree
IMG_4429 (2)
How the Family Secrets are Shared
How the Family Secrets Are Shared (alternate view)
IMG_4427 (2)
Soldier Grew Strong As a Tree
IMG_4426 (2)
IMG_4425 (2)
Spring Reigns
IMG_4424 (3)
Don’t Take My Sunshine Away – sold
print photo
The Fragile Nature of Delight, Acrylic and ink on canvas, (sold)


She Saw Things Differently, Mixed media
already 3
Already he knew, mixed media on panel
here comes the sun
Here comes the Sun, Acrylic on Canvas. 8×10″
his future
His Future, watercolor and ink on paper, 7×10″
Moonflower, acrylic and ink, 12×36″
magnolia pod
Magnolia Pod, Acylic and ink, 8×10″
remember the future
Remember the future, Mixed media
welcome autumn
Welcome Autumn, watercolor and ink on paper
butterfly dream 3
Butterfly Dream, watercolor and ink on paper
how will she 3
How Will She Bear the Weight of her Hair, Watercolor, Acrylic and ink
Holding Space 2, Mixed Media
She Let Go of All That, Mixed Media
18034053_1689505717734130_3322423705159595438_n (2)
Sea Turtle, framed by Stephney Huff
one day 3
One Day She recognized her Own Power, Mixed media