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bookplate by Edward Ardizzone

Life is a journey fraught with distractions, detours, and setbacks.  Sometimes we can hardly imagine where we’re going, hardly remember where we’ve been.  This blog is my place to share the bright bits I’ve found on my journey. 

A life of reading and looking at art has helped me cultivate a sense of wonder.  Here’s  where I offer many reviews of illustrated and art books for all ages, including lots of children’s books (where some of our best artists are working.)  I focus on books that belong in print — that you can hold in your hands, flip through, and return to again and again.

the crowded desk of dreams

I love going to art galleries and also finding art in unexpected places.  I share links of interesting websites I’ve found. 

I share insights from my lifelong writing and drawing practice which has helped me get a handle on my slippery identity.

This is also my place to share my musings on living in the intentional community Bridge Meadows, a multi-generational community in Portland, Oregon, that helps families adopt children out of the foster care system. 

So, welcome.  

Your insights and stories are part of this conversation.  Please feel free to join in.  


~~Joy Corcoran


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